So, what’s the deal with marriage?

We’re supposed to know what marriage is by the time we reach the altar. Truth is, everyone is figuring it out as they go. The Marriage Question isn’t a question of marriage being good or bad; we’re trying to understand why it works in some situations and why it utterly fails in others. Is there really a secret? If there is, we’re going to figure it out.

Jaime and Becky go deep to analyze romance in our society and in our own lives. Neither of us has succeeded at marriage in the traditional sense: our marriages ended before we died. But they say the best way to grow is through failure, so we started asking our friends and communities about how they understand marriage. These conversations quickly turned into recorded interviews, and everyone either wanted to be interviewed or to listen. We want to talk to people with unique takes on marriage. Luckily, that’s a lot of people. We’ve talked to folks who are single, married, widowed, and everything in between, and there are many more conversations to be had.

Thanks to Patrick Hargon for creating our theme music and to all of the folks who let us peek into their lives on the record.